The Welcome Centre best exemplifies Starfield Centre Magrath's commitment to the community. The Welcome Centre is a fully enclosed public space which will allow natural sunlight to fill a climate controlled environment thus providing a location where people can meet together, bring their children to play or a person can quietly enjoy a good book and a refreshing beverage.


The Welcome Centre will be a dynamically changing space as we will divide the centre into two halves which will give Landscape Architecture Students an unique palette to develop their trade. The desire is that every six months we will be able to unveil a new design. Imagine sitting in a Paris cafe setting or being surrounded by tropical plants. Perhaps some imaginative student wants to recreate an ancient Mayan habitat or the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.


The desire is that students are given an opportunity to explore their creative side while learning their the tools of their trade. The end result is that the community can be enchanted by a new visual feast on a regular basis.


Elements and Uses for the Facility

  • Enjoying coffee in the Winter GardenPublic Welcome Centre
  • Training (K-12)
  • Stage Area for small venue concerts
  • Seasonal containerized landscaped gardens
  • Space for Public functions such as weddings
  • Sitting areas for singles or groups
  • Water features
  • Children's Playgrounds
  • Small gift shops and boutiques
  • Cafe Bistro
  • Farmers market for Fresh Produce
  • Public Restrooms


Nominal Specs

  • Landscaping in the Welcome CentreNominal Size: 40 x 80 meters
  • Orientation: Designers Discretion
  • Temperature Range:    18°C ~ 23°C
  • Service life: 50 years minimum
  • Open design: possible oval shape with stage
  • Dugout and Under Cover
  • Containerized (potted) Landscaping and Paver pathways
  • Several intimate/contemplation seating areas
  • Acoustically balanced throughout for max quiet
  • Kids Playground
  • Outside terraced seating area, tables etc for summer with water feature and landscaping.
  • Secure parking area for bicycles, motorcycles, cars and a couple of tour buses. Possibly partially covered for collecting solar and water.

Cherries grown in a Greenhouse

Starfield Centre, Naturally Nutritious Vegetables
  • Enjoying coffee in the Winter Garden
  • Landscaping in the Welcome Centre

Cherries grown in a Greenhouse

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