Greenhouse RadishWater ResearcherGrowing healthy, nutritious foods is dependent upon the quality of the water available for its operations. Starfield Centre Magrath will be using the advanced water remediation systems provided by its sister company NOAH Water Technologies.


The science behind creating healthy water enables Starfield Centre to not only grow vegetables of exceptional nutrition but also ones with far longer shelf life than vegetables grown with substandard input water. For more details about NOAH Water Technology and how it creates a premium growing environment click here.


Storage Pond

  • Water Storage PondNominal Size: 20,000 – 30,000 m3
  • Depth: Dependent on the geotechnical analysis
  • Shape: asymmetrical/meandering
  • Location:  NE Inner Corner near berm vertex
  • Temperature Range: above 0C
  • Service life:   50 years minimum
  • Open  Design  clay dugout
  • Geothermal Heated if required
  • Plant-covered island features containing concealed bases for water-treatment equipment
  • Shallow edges designed for easy wildlife access and escape
  • May be used as a swimming hole in the summer for staff.

Water Processing & Equipment Maintenance Bay

  • Water Research LabNominal Size: 30 x 30 meters
  • Orientation: North – South
  • Temperature Range:    16C ~ 28C
  • Service life:   50 years minimum
  • Internal Container Buildings (Office Space and Storage areas)
  • Dugout and Under Cover
  • Concrete Pads for heavy equipment
  • Max quiet fans and air circulation


Water Systems

Greenhouse Water SystemHealthy vegetables more than anything else depend in health water. Starfield Centres use the most advanced techniques to ensure that the water used is of the finest quality, highly oxygenated and nutrient rich for the production of healthiest vegetables possible.

Each facility will include:

  • Site-wide water catchment for maximum retention of water from rainfall.
  • Drain-to-Waste for recovery and reuse.
  • State-of-the-art water remediation using NOAH Water Technologies Equipment.
  • See www.noahwatertech.com for more information on how having healthy water leads to superior a superior product at harvest.

Radishes grown in a greenhouse

Starfield Centre, Naturally Nutritious Vegetables

Water Researcher

  • Water Storage Pond
  • Water Research Lab

Greenhouse Water System

Radishes grown in a greenhouse

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