Raspberries grown in GrennhousesStarfield Magrath Starfield Centre Magrath is our flag ship location featuring a state-of-the-art farm, a wholesome plant and water science research facility, a K–12 education hub, a public ag-tourism visitor centre and a demonstration project of what can be achieved in Southern Alberta.


It is important that the natural features of the land, the water and the light are used in conjunction with and reflected in the buildings design to create a very pleasing aesthetic and a masterful flowing use of space and landscaping.


The initial stages of building focus on simple functionality to turn a profit. Over time this functionality will evolve to beauty through the implementation or natural and cultural aspects, including the addition of artistic details and art installations; this must be kept in mind during the design process to create an intrinsic, pleasing aesthetic base to build upon.


We believe our staff will be with us for life if treated and trained well. They are as important to us as our customer, it is essential that all staff areas are welcoming, well lit, spacious, comfortable, quiet and most importantly safe.


The Project will include these key elements:


Controlled Environment Crop Houses

Starfield Centre Magrath will start with three initial groupings of crops: vegetables, berries and orchard fruits. Later expansion will include a vine house for table grapes and could include specialty crops such as coffee and tea. Read More


Welcome Centre & Winter Garden

The Welcome Centre best exemplifies Starfield Centre Magrath's commitment to the community. The Welcome Centre is a fully enclosed public space which will allow natural sunlight to fill a climate controlled environment thus providing a location where people can meet together, bring their children to play or a person can quietly enjoy a good book and a refreshing beverage. Read More

Water Storage & Treatment

Greenhouse RadishGrowing healthy, nutritious foods is dependent upon the quality of the water available for its operations. Starfield Centre Magrath along will be using the advanced water remediation systems provided by its sister company NOAH Water Technologies.


The science behind creating healthy water enables Starfield Centre to not only grow vegetables of exceptional nutrition but also ones with far longer shelf life than vegetables grown with substandard input water. Read More

Other Buildings & Facilities

MushroomsStarfield Centre Magrath will require all the regular infrastructure associated with agriculture and food processing but because it doubles as an  agriculture education and research centre there will be several types of specialty buildings and amenities as well. Read More


Starfield Centre, Naturally Nutritious Vegetables
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