Starfield Centres are breathing new life into  the agricultural sector in Southern Alberta and bringing a new vitality to its communities.  Our uniqueness is in how we grow our crops in an environmentally sustainable manner to produce the most healthy, nutrient dense vegetables possible at a much lower cost than traditional greenhouse operations.


Production is year round in cold or hot weather.  Irrigation water is recycled and we control exactly what goes into our product.  We can locate anywhere, providing there is a source of sufficient water, flat land (preferably non arable), and sunlight.


Crops are grown in environmentally controlled and monitored Climate Buildings in 5000 m2 (1.25 acre) about the same size as a football field.


Our facilities are powered and heated by our proprietary technology derived from a unique glazing material that collects heat to be stored in Phase Change Material (PCM) thermal batteries.


We are leaders in what we do and are excited to be providing locally grown, pure produce, year round in Southern Alberta.Unlike field farming, which yields 1 or 2 field crops per year grown in uncontrolled conditions, our facility controls growing conditions that permits the harvest of 12 crops per year of leafy vegetables– in most climates and one to two crops per year of orchard fruit.


We are leaders in what we do and are excited to be providing locally grown, pure produce, year round in Southern Alberta.


Our Operation Provide the Following:

Food Security: Locally grown, production environment totally secure,

Energy: Use renewable fuels for heat and electricity on site –carbon neutral facilities

Wellness: Lower medical costs,  benefits of 43 minerals for wellness

Job Security:  Year round steady employment

Sustainability: No depletion of land, low water consumption, zero pollution, competitive products

Markets: Replace imports, develop exports

Local Supply: Fresh produce year round unaffected by climate change


Starfield Centre Fundamentals

Starfield Centre is a new greenhouse system that grows pure, healthy, nutrient-dense vegetables. We power our greenhouse units with a combination solar, wind, and biomass power that produces heat and electricity from renewable fuels. This energy independence helps to control our production costs and keeps our produce competitive. This creates a new, unique and profitable business with outstanding returns. Read More.


Starfield Magrath

Raspberries grown in GrennhousesStarfield Centre Magrath is our flag ship location featuring a state-of-the-art farm, a wholesome plant and water science research facility, a K–12 education hub, a public ag-tourism visitor centre and a demonstration project of what can be achieved in Southern Alberta.  Read More.


State-Of-The-Art Greenhouses

State of the Art GreenhousesStarfield Centres will feature some of the most innovative and progressive growing techniques currently available. From our unique method of glazing using our specialty AgClean pillow insulation process to our proprietary Cambia lighting each of our green houses will be designed to create an environment where vegetables are able to reach their peak of nutrition, naturally. Read More.


Advantages of Polyculture

Polyculture is the agricultural process of growing multiple crops in the same space, in this way it is reflective of the way plants in a natural ecosystems coexist. Wheareas most industrial farming practices have leaned towards monoculture - the growing of large ares of a single crop - Starfield Centres are built around the belief that polyculture techniques provide many benefits over current farming methods. Read More.


Operating Procedures

The operating principles of our greenhouses are the same as those of 150 years ago. Then, as now, the primary goal is to maintain good growing conditions and shelter crops from the weather. New materials and equipment such as computers have made the job of controlling conditions more reliable. Maintaining good growing conditions increases yields and profits. Read More.


Future Trends in Agriculture

CarrotsThe future of agriculture will be driven by customers who demand pure fresh fruits and vegetables, and insist on knowing their source.  The future of agriculture will be lured, pulled, coaxed, and rewarded by health conscious people to grow clean, healthy, pure, competitive priced living foods. Read More.


Imports & Competition

Greenhose Grown PeppersThe unsustainable state of the Canadian food chain coupled with the rising costs and declining nutritional value imported produce means that it is imperative that Canada reverses the decades old trend in increasing reliance on foreign grown produce. The good news is that with current technology there is no reason that Canada can not be a leading exporter of highly nutritious produce ­— high value crops, competitively priced. Read More.

Starfield Centre, Naturally Nutritious Vegetables

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