State of the Art GreenhousesStarfield Centres will feature some of the most innovative and progressive growing techniques currently available. From our unique method of glazing using our specialty AgClean pillow insulation process to our proprietary Cambia lighting each of our green houses will be designed to create an environment where vegetables are able to reach their peak of nutrition, naturally.


Glazing and Structure

Working in a GreenhouseStructure:

  • Widths up to 80 meters wide
  • Steel Screw Piles: 4.5m length 3m in ground with 1.5m above.
  • Includes an outside berm walk way for overhead viewing.
  • Each house includes a 7m wide header house for restroom, changing, packing, equipment, and seed germination.
  • Header house located parallel to most optimal traffic in/out flow.


Glazing & Frame:

  • AgClean inflated pillows (R 2.9)
  • 3m x 10m (subject to change)
  • 2" aluminum extrusions
  • Stainless steel cable trusses



  • 1.5 meter dugout
  • 1.5 meter steel metal wall
  • 0.7 meter outside berm
  • Reinforced inner-walls with hypertufia honeycomb wallmatrix (akin to highway slope stabilization)



  • ¾ minus approximately 6" on pre-existing white clay base
  • Drains to sump pits


Heating & Cooling


  • Warm-Water (radiant heating)
  • Geothermal sourced 40-50°C heat from vertical wells (36,000 btu per well, 400 feet)
  • Soil-Storage Buried-Pipes
  • Thermal Mass (phase change materials)



  • Forced Ventilation
  • Earth-Air Tunnel (phase change materials)
  • Movable Insulation
  • Shading


Water Systems

Water Storage PondHealthy vegetables more than anything else depend in health water. Starfield Centres use the most advanced techniques to ensure that the water used is of the finest quality, highly oxygenated and nutrient rich for the production of healthiest vegetables possible.

Each facility will include:

  • Site-wide water catchment for maximum retention of water from rainfall.
  • Drain-to-Waste for recovery and reuse.
  • State-of-the-art water remediation using NOAH Water Technologies Equipment. See for more information on how having health water water leads to superior a superior product at harvest.
  • Drip Irrigation (fertigation)
Starfield Centre, Naturally Nutritious Vegetables

Working in a Greenhouse

Water Storage Pond

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