Our Core Values flow naturally from our Mission Statement


We are committed to developing fully integrated systems for the production and distribution of a wide variety of highly nutritious foods, at the lowest possible prices. We are community focused, yet regionally and nationally networked for governance, learning, innovation and food security.


Vibrant Community
Life Long Education

At its core Starfield Centre is about making the community it serves healthy, prosperous and vibrant.


Our progressive business model is designed not just to produce the healthiest foods at the lowest possible prices but to do so in a manner that builds and supports the community.


By combining our advanced applied science technologies with our  progressive hiring practices, integrated educational programs, creation of inviting social spaces and our Core Sustainability Boards, we believe our facilities will provide exciting addition to life of the community.


Southern Alberta has one of the best growing regions in the world. Coupled with a highly educated and skilled labour force, along with its strong core values, makes this an ideal location to launch such an ambitious project.


Starfield Centre is more than just a food production centre it is a multi-tiered education facility.


A portion of the complex will be devoted to developing an interest in agriculture for the K-12 students, in an environment where they can get hands-on experience in the nurturing of plants and the production of food.


Beyond that, our strategic plan includes setting up on site research laboratories and partnering with colleges and universities for the most advanced post-secondary training in horticulture techniques available anywhere in the world.


And because we should never stop learning, the facility will have classes for adult learning as well as workshops about nutrition and food preparation or other relevant topics that may be of local interest.


Starfield Centre’s overarching mandate is to create the most nutritious foods at the lowest possible prices. In order to do this we use advanced, but very environmentally-friendly growing processes, to allow the foods to achieve maximum nutrition...naturally.


Non-GMO: While we have a heavy emphasis on applied sciences and innovative farming techniques we are firmly committed to NOT using Genetically Modified Organisms. We believe that to produce the healthiest vegetables we need to source quality non-GMO seed stock as well as by naturally developing the strains we desire.


Neither will we be pursuing the Certified Organic designation, as it will work against our core philosophy of growing nutritious produce at the lowest possible prices. (see back page for details)

Vibrant Community
Vibrant Community
Vibrant Community

There are many diverse employment opportunities at Starfield Centre, for all ages and designed to fit around your lifestyle.


We will have rewarding career positions for managers, supervisors, maintenance workers, packagers, researchers etc. but we will also have positions for high school students or parents and seniors looking for a part time income. Many of our positions will be ideal for persons with disabilities or special needs.


As much as we desire to grow inexpensive produce we will make sure our employees are well paid. We know that we can find enough efficiencies in our operations that we can provide good competitive wages. Furthermore we believe we can provide an environment where people can be proud to be a part of the company. Happy employees are more productive.


Starfield Centre is committed to long-term sustainability and providing local communities food security. The centre is designed to incorporate local investment, management and governance.


We're tired of hearing stories where large multinationals have purchased local businesses and then shut them down extinguishing, the hopes of those desiring quality long-term employment in their home town.


The foundation of our belief system is that business must have a strong commitment to the people in the community they serve. As such we have a multi-year plan which extends well beyond the expected lifespan of the founders, coupled with a governance model that is designed to promote the best and the brightest of future generations to maintain our vision.


Every farmer knows the laws of sowing and reaping:

• You reap what you plant.

• You reap later than you plant.

• You reap more than you plant.


We are, for a limited time, offering a subscription to raise the necessary pre-operatory capital to launch this project.

As much as we are community focused and have high ideals for the social benefits of Starfield Centre we understand that its success will depend on sound business principles.


Our executive team drawing on experience from a diverse range of business ventures have the core competencies to make this project extremely profitable.

If you’re interested in investing please contact us to have a look at the prospectus and offering memorandum.