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Alastair Gregor

President & CEO


Michael MeadenMr. Gregor has had a very successful career both nationally and internationally in business development, management, operations, sales and service training, construction planning and project management. He has worked as a director on the planning and development of Starfield Centre since before it’s inception. He’s from a family of horticulturists, as a youth spending his free-time landscaping in the family business.


Lonnie L. Mesick
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) &
Chief Visionary Officer (CVO)


Lonnie MesickMr. Mesick has strong ties to agriculture, technology, and worldwide connections.  Mr. Mesick holds the vision for Southern Alberta’s leadership in agriculture and Starfield Centre.  Mr. Mesick has a cross sectional background in technology, agriculture, education, and finance.  Mr Mesick is a member of the International Society of Horticulture Scientists and serves on several working groups for greenhouse economics.




Starfield Centre, Naturally Nutritious Vegetables

Michael Meaden

Lonnie Mesick

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